Although the hobby of collecting older maps is not an overwhelmingly popular activity, it does attract many people who for various reasons find satisfaction in getting their hands on a 1935 Sunoco map or a map of downtown Toronto from Simpson's Sears published in 1955.  I guess I am one of those strange people that cringe with the fragility of some old maps, admire the cover art work from another era and treasure the comradeship that a common interest promotes.  Since 2006 when I first launched my site, I have had the good fortune to hear from other collectors and many of them have provided information as well as both scans of maps and actual maps that are used on this site.  I would like to thank them here. 
Dave Goforth for his Oil Company map scans.
Charles Neuschafer, New World Maps, Inc. PO Box 541389, Lake Worth, FL 33454-1389.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Brian Mifflin for his wonderful story about meeting the Tim Horton.
Donald Robinson for his Oil Company and Official Ontario map scans.
Richard Horwitz for his Oil Company scans.
Ken Brown for his Oil Company map scans.
Peter Ledwith for his Oil Company map scans.
Willie Frey for his investigative work and informative correspondence regarding various maps.
John Buckberrough for his B/A models of fuel trucks and map scans.
Bill Walraven for sharing his numerous Ontario map scans.  Thanks Bill.
Miles Krisman for sharing map scans from his collection.
Terry Morrison for photographs of his maps.
Ian Byrne for his scans and information.  Visit his excellent European map website at
Paul Williams, a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada and Contributing and Travel Editor of .
John Torensma for sharing scans from his collection.  Go Supertest! 
Barrett Nicpon for sharing oil company maps. 
Charles Yolleck of Toronto, for donating maps that had belonged to his parents to my collection.  The maps have a new home.  Thanks Charles.  
Paul Smith for sharing scans from his collection.  Visit Paul's website at
Gary Spaid for contributing map scans of oil company maps.
Dave Rowlison for contributing White Star maps scans and information.
Peter Ayling for donating the Ontario Motor League 1929 Road Book.