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In 1922 two brothers pooled their money together and for $1800 purchased a tire store in Toronto.  In 1923 they purchased another building and opened under the name of Canadian Tire Corporation. In 1927 they published their first official road map and in 1928 their first catalog with a handy road map on the back.  The first associate store opened in 1934 and the business grew from there.  Today it can be said that 90 per cent of all Canadians are no more than a 15 minute drive from a Canadian Tire Store.
Maps with years in red are not in my collection - scans of covers have been provided by other collectors.
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CTC Circa 1949
Delivery truck, Circa 1949
CTC Gas Bar
Early gas bar - first one opened 1958.
Hamilton CTC 1st FranchiseFirst Associate store in Hamilton, ON