I would like to acknowledge the following sources with many thanks:
  • The Department of Highways / Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Official Road Maps.
  • Cameron Bevers – (Webmaster) – The Kings Highway
  • Ontario Archives
  • Legislative Assembly of Ontario – Information on Premiers and Ministers.
  • Ontario Good Roads Association
  • Ken Brown, Ian Byrne, Curtis Carroll, Dave Goforth, Stan DeOrsey, Norm Fenske, Jim Heckenbach, Mark Greaves, Jeff Koenker, Noel Levy, Peter Ledwith and Walt Wimer – all of the Road Map Collectors Association.  Thanks guys !!
  • A special thanks to Ken Brown, Dave Goforth and Peter Ledwith for providing scans of several maps. 
  • Desmond Fung, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario
  • Marek Wiesek, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario